Ensuring VanMoof Riders Stay on the Move: Our Commitment to Procuring Essential Parts

At MoofMender.com, we understand the passion and dedication of fellow riders within the VanMoof community. Even though VanMoof has gone into administration and we don't have much information about the restart from the new buyers just yet, the spirit of the community remains vibrant and alive. We recognise the importance of ensuring that every VanMoof rider can continue to maintain and enjoy their bikes without interruption. That's why we've taken significant steps to ensure the availability of essential parts for these iconic bikes.

Procurement Process Diagram

Our Procurement Process: A Commitment to Quality and Availability

The diagram above outlines our streamlined procurement process. Here's a breakdown of the steps we take: [This has been extremely simplified for the purposes of this blog post]

  1. Customer Requests: Every request we receive is a testament to the trust the community place in us. We treat each request with the utmost importance be it a brake lever or new internal battery unit.

  2. Procurement Process Initiation: Upon receiving a parts request, our dedicated team springs into action, initiating the procurement process.

  3. Engaging with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs): We reach out to the original manufacturers that supplied parts to VanMoof. This ensures that the parts you receive are genuine and of the highest quality. We have to carefully mitigate any legal challenges or issues that may prevent us from sourcing the part meaning sometimes we have to disappoint customers with news we can't source certain parts.

  4. Warehouse Storage: Once procured, parts are stored in our warehouse, ready to be dispatched.

  5. Quality Assurance: Before any part is shipped, it undergoes rigorous quality checks. We want to ensure that what reaches you is in perfect condition.

  6. Shipping to Customers: After passing quality assurance, the parts are shipped out to our customers, ensuring that VanMoof riders can continue their journeys without delay.

To all the VanMoof riders – keep riding, keep exploring, and know that MoofMender.com is doing everything they can to have your back!

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