MoofMender Parts List: All You Need to Know!

Get ready! We're almost set to transform our store from a couple of key products to offer hundreds of VanMoof original parts for the community to buy and keep Moofing. We've attached the full stock list below in excel form however here are some highlights.

[A-020-X02UK-XX] Charger for S5/A5
[S-400-0037] Brake Lever, A5 & S5
[S-601-0001] Battery Pack , Panasonic , A5 & S5
[VM13-017] Battery pack Electrified S
[VM13-174] Top Tube Cartridge Speaker

And much much more! Check out the list attached. All parts have been sourced from the original equipment manufacturer and will be available fingers crossed within the next 14 days!

To search this list press CMD+F on MacOS or CTRL + F on Windows. You can also search by typing a keyword in your address bar on iPhone and selecting find on page for Android devices. Otherwise scroll down to find your desired part.

[A-020-X02UK-XX] Charger for S5/A5 UK
[A-033-E01XX-XX] 5-Series Front Rack
[A-045-E02XX-XX] A5 heavy duty rear rack gray
[A-070-K03XX-XX] Universal Phone Clamp SPC+
[A-070-K04XX-XX] Phone Mount
[S-400-0006] Main ECU Bracket, A5&S5
[S-400-0007] Oil Cable Stopper, A5 & S5
[S-400-0008] Oil Cable Connector, A5 & S5
[S-400-0009] Banjo adaptor for Brake Master Cylinder
[S-400-0010] Chain Cover Bracket, S5
[S-400-0011] Brake Disk Rotor Front 164mm 2mm, A5 & S5
[S-400-0016] Brake Disk Rotor Rear 144mm 2mm, A5 & S5
[S-400-0018] Rear Fender Stay, S5
[S-400-0027] Needle
[S-400-0037] Brake Lever, A5 & S5
[S-400-0038] Oil bleeding adapter
[S-404-0001] Chain Wheel, A5 & S5
[S-404-0002] Crank Left, A5 & S5
[S-404-0003] Crank Right, A5 & S5
[S-405-0001] Drivechain with Closing Link,1/2X1/8" Length: 108L
[S-408-0001] Seatpost, Black, 34mm 370mm, A5 & S5
[S-411-0001] Spoke S13G, 243 mm, BLACK, S5 &S4
[S-411-0002] Spoke S13G, 264 mm, Black, S5
[S-411-0003] Spoke S13G, 208 mm, BLACK, A5
[S-411-0004] Spoke S13G, 230 mm, Black, A5
[S-414-0010] SA5 Battery clip tool
[S-430-0001] Head Tube Screw Hole Plug, Light Gray, A5 & S5
[S-430-0004] Boost & Horn Button, A5 & S5
[S-430-0005] Cable Guide, E-Shifter, A5 & S5
[S-430-0010] Motor Cable Cover, Black, A5 & S5
[S-430-0015] Oil Cable Clamp, A5 & S5
[S-435-0002] Service Cable, A5 & S5
[S-437-0003] Touch-Up Paint, Light Gray, A5 & S5
[S-438-0007] SA5 Cable Tie, BV & UK
[S-450-0001] Charger Port Cable Guide, A5 & S5
[S-450-0002] Charger Port Cover, A5 & S5
[S-450-0010] Seatpost Clamp Cap, Black, A5 & S5
[S-450-0012] User ECU Rubber, Handlebar, A5 & S5
[S-450-0016] Oil bleeding screw O-ring
[S-451-0001] Tube, 27.5", S5
[S-461-0001] Screw, MT, M6x28, SUS, Plain, SH, TP30
[S-461-0004] Screw, MT, M6X18, SUS, Black ZN, H5, Nyloc W Washer
[S-461-0005] Screw, MT, M5x7, SUS, Black, RH, T25, Half Nyloc
[S-461-0006] Screw, MT, M5x10, SUS, Black, RH, T25, Half Nyloc
[S-461-0011] Screw, MT, M8, 1x20, Steel, Black NI, SCH, H8, Nyloc W Cap
[S-461-0012] Screw, MT, M4, 0.7x10, Steel, Black NI, NH, H2, Nyloc
[S-461-0013] Screw, MT, M6x20, Steel, Black, HRH, H4, Nyloc
[S-461-0015] Caliper Banjo Screw with O-ring
[S-461-0017] Screw, MT, M3x6, SUS, Black, FH, TP10, Nyloc
[S-461-0018] Screw, MT, M4x6, SUS, Black, SH, H3, Nyloc
[S-461-0019] Screw, MT, M8x16, SUS, Black, RH, TP40, Nyloc
[S-461-0024] Screw, MT, M5, 0.8X15, SUS, Plain, FH, TP25, nyloc
[S-461-0026] Screw, MT, M5x30, SUS, Black, PH, TP25, Nyloc
[S-461-0027] Screw, MT, M5x8, SUS, Black, PH, TP25, Nyloc
[S-461-0028] Screw, MT, M3x5, SUS, Black, PH, TP10, Nyloc
[S-461-0029] Screw, MT, M5, 0.8x8, SUS, Black ZN, SH, H4, Nyloc
[S-461-0030] Screw, MT, M3x6, SUS, Plain, FH, TP10, Nyloc
[S-461-0044] Oil bleeding screw plug & O-ring set
[S-461-0052] Screw, MT, M4X0.7, 5, SCM, black, ZN, NH, T7, nyloc
[S-481-0001] Main ECU Thermal Pad, A5 & S5
[S-482-0002] Vanmoof Chain Lubricant
[S-483-0001] Tape, 27.5", S4 & S5
[S-483-0002] Tape, 24" X4 & A5
[S-601-0001] Battery Pack , Panasonic , A5 & S5
[S-604-0001] Kick Lock Set , A5 & S5
[S-607-0001] Motor 250/350W, S5
[S-607-0002] Motor 250/350W, A5
[S-700-0002] Seat Post Clamp Wedge, A5 & S5
[S-754-0001] Brake Master Cylinder with Lever Left, A5 & S5
[S-754-0002] Brake Master Cylinder with Lever Right, A5 & S5
[S-754-0005] Brake Caliper with Screws & Oil Cable 1600mm , A5 & S5
[S-754-0014] Brake Pad (2PCS per Set) , A5 & S5
[S-754-0015] Oil Cable w/Banjo, L=1600mm
[S-759-0001] Hub Rear 3-Speed, A5 & S5
[S-760-0002] Rear Fender 27.5", S5
[S-850-0013] Toolbag, rear carrier light duty, A&S5
[S-850-0016] Toolbag, rear carrier heavy duty, S5
[S-850-0018] Toolbag, rear carrier heavy duty, A5
[S-850-0020] Toolbag, front carrier, A&S5
[S-850-0022] Toolbag, front carrier with basket & net, A&S5
[VM02-009] Carrier front Naked M3
[VM02-011] Carrier front Waitress New Black
[VM02-019] Fender Flap B-/S-series
[VM02-033] Carrier front Bambooman 2017
[VM02-039] Carrier Rear 24" Smart X
[VM02-056] Carrier Rear 24" Electrified X2
[VM02-059] Carrier front Waitress X2 Thunder Gray
[VM02-061] Vanmoof S3 & S4 Rear Carrier
[VM02-062] Vanmoof X3 & X4 Rear Carrier
[VM02-065] Vanmoof S3 & S4 Front Carrier
[VM02-067] Front Fender Flap, S&X3, S&X4, A&S5
[VM02-069] Vanmoof X3 & X4 Front Carrier
[VM03-146] Frontfork Smartbike X 24" 2018 Fog White
[VM03-167] Frontfork Electrified S2 28" Fog White
[VM03-168] Frontfork Electrified S2 28" Thunder Grey
[VM03-171] Frontfork Electrified X2 24" Fog White
[VM03-184] Frontfork Electrified S3 28" Dark
[VM03-189] Frontfork Electrified X3 24" Dark
[VM03-194] Frontfork Electrified S3 28" Light
[VM03-199] Frontfork Electrified X3 24" Light
[VM03-238] Fork with painted ES3+ dark
[VM04-007] Handlebar Moustache 31.8mm 620mm (Electrified/Smartbike/Standard Straight)
[VM04-026] Stem Riser 1 1/8" ahead Electrified S / Smartbike
[VM04-029] Stem 1 1/8" ahead 60mm, 0 degree
[VM04-031] Headset 1 1/8" ahead
[VM04-051] Handlebar Electrified S/X 2
[VM04-052] Headset 1 1/8" Electrified S/X 2
[VM04-053] Headset Spacer S/X 2
[VM04-054] Starnut Electrified S/X 2
[VM04-056] Headset bearing with cable cover
[VM04-058] Handlebar S/X3 including screw & sleeve
[VM04-059] Headset Spacer, S&X3, S&X4
[VM05-006] Grip Black DDK 131mm
[VM05-071] Seatpost Black 34mm 450mm VM6 M3
[VM05-078] Seatpost clamp VM6
[VM05-107] Grip Black DDK 81mm
[VM05-111] Seatpost clamp Standard Straight plastic parts
[VM05-118] Seatpost clamp wedge
[VM05-119] Seatpost Black 34mm 350mm Electrified S2
[VM05-120] VanMoof Air Suspension Saddle
[VM05-122] Seatpost Black 34mm 400mm Electrified X2
[VM05-125] Grip Left S&X3, S&X4
[VM05-126] Grip Right S&X3, S&X4
[VM05-127] Seatpost Clamp Set S/X3
[VM05-129] Seatpost Black 34mm 340mm, S3 & S4
[VM05-132] Pedal Set S/X3
[VM05-133] Seatpost Black 34mm 410mm X3 & X4
[VM05-138] Pedal Set, S&X3, S&X4, A&S5
[VM06-005] Brake Cable wire 2000mm
[VM06-010] Brake cable outer housing 5mm
[VM06-014] Brake caliper Black + bolts w/o disc
[VM06-016] cable end crimp
[VM06-020] Brake disc rotor 140mm M3
[VM06-021] Brake disc rotor 160mm
[VM06-037] Brakepads Disc Bengal (set of 2)
[VM06-052] Brake lever left Black B/S/Elec M3
[VM06-053] Brake lever right Black B/S/Elec M3
[VM06-054] Brake cable end cap 5mm
[VM06-057] Cable guide chain stay
[VM06-076] Plastic Cable Guide Headtube Left Electrified S2
[VM06-077] Plastic Cable Guide Headtube Right Electrified S2
[VM06-079] Brake Lever Barrel Adjuster
[VM06-082] Brake Caliper, S&X3, S&X4
[VM06-083] Hydraulic Brake Hose
[VM06-084] Brake Lever Left, S&X3, S&X4
[VM06-085] Brake Lever Right, S&X3, S&X4
[VM06-086] Rubber Cover Handlebar, S&X3, S&X4
[VM06-087] Front Brake cable assembly, S3 & S4, EU/US
[VM06-106] Hydraulic brake cable prees ring, H50S06
[VM06-108] Left brake lever with two washers ES/X3
[VM06-114] Hydraulic brake pad 28.5X20.6X4 (2pcs per set)
[VM06-116] Brake disc rotor 140mm 1.8mm rear with slot pattern
[VM07-003] Bottom Bracket 68/113 VP
[VM07-011] Chain tensioner M6 F/Q M3
[VM07-012] Chain tensioner right RVS/PVC M3
[VM07-023] Chain Cover Clip, S&X3, S&X4
[VM07-029] Crank Axle Bolt M8*20 Black
[VM07-055] Shifter cable wire 1800mm
[VM07-060] Shifter SA 3 speed B M3
[VM07-063] Shifter rapidfire SH Alfine 8s M3
[VM07-076] Sprocket 20T offset
[VM07-079] Chainguard Rear part bolt M5x6 M3
[VM07-080] Chainguard rear part Stainless steel M3
[VM07-087] Chain Cover Front Part, S&X3, S&X4
[VM07-092] Bottom Bracket 68/115
[VM07-096] Chainlink KMC RB 1/2x1/8
[VM07-097] Closing link KMC RB
[VM07-098] VanMoof Crankset 170mm 38T
[VM07-102] Bottom Bracket 68/120
[VM07-107] Chaintensioner Chainguard 3 speed M4
[VM07-108] Chaintensioner cover top
[VM07-109] Chaintensioner cover bottom
[VM07-114] Axle ring for Chainguard 13mm 3 Speed
[VM07-116] Cassette Joint + locknut + Sprocket retaining ring + dustcap + Non-turn washer vertical dropout SA M4
[VM07-118] Chaintensioner Chainguard 2 / 8 speed M4
[VM07-142] Sprocket, 18T
[VM07-143] Sprocket, 16T
[VM07-144] Bottom bracket 68/119, S&X2, S&X3, S&X4, EU/UK/US
[VM07-148] Crankset Vanmoof S/X3 EU/UK/US 38T
[VM07-151] Chaintensioner Chainguard 4 speed S/X3
[VM07-152] Sprocket 22T S3 9-Spline
[VM07-153] Sprocket 22T C-Clip
[VM07-154] Sprocket 22T Spacer
[VM07-156] Sprocket 20T X3 9-Spline
[VM08-014] Hub rear SA 3S RS-RK3 Black M3
[VM08-029] Hubdynamo front SH DH-3D32-NT Black
[VM08-124] Spoke Black 287mm 14G (Front) F-Series
[VM08-125] Spoke Black 289mm 14G
[VM08-126] Spoke Black 287mm 14G
[VM08-139] Spoke Black 259mm 14G
[VM08-148] Rim 28" DB30 36h Electrified S Black front
[VM08-154] Nipple Black 14Gx16mm
[VM08-169] Spoke Black 284mm 14G
[VM08-176] Wheel rear 28" 1-speed M4
[VM08-178] Wheel rear 28" 8-speed M4
[VM08-190] Wheel Front 28" Smartbike 2018
[VM08-191] Wheel Rear 28" 3-speed Smartbike 2018
[VM08-197] Wheel Front 24" Smartbike 2018
[VM08-198] Wheel Rear 24" Smartbike 3 speed 2018
[VM08-199] Wheel Rear 24" Smartbike 8 speed 2018
[VM08-200] Hub rear SA 2 Speed Electrified S2
[VM08-201] Wheel Rear 28" S2
[VM08-202] Wheel front 28'' S2 for EUUSUK
[VM08-203] Wheel Rear 24" X2
[VM08-205] Spoke Black 255mm 13G
[VM08-206] Spoke Black 256mm 13G
[VM08-217] Hub rear 4 speed S/X3
[VM08-230] Wheel Front 28" S3 Complete
[VM08-231] Wheel Rear 28" S3 Complete
[VM08-232] Wheel Front 24" X3 Complete
[VM08-233] Wheel Rear 24" X3 Complete
[VM09-004] Rim Tape 28"
[VM09-021A] Tire 28" 42-622 Continental Contact Speed Black
[VM09-032A] Tire 28'' Schwalbe
[VM09-032B] Tire 28'' Innova
[VM09-032C] Tire 28'' Cheng Shin MAXXIS
[VM09-050] Tube 28" 40/60-622 CST
[VM09-052B] Tube 28'' Innova
[VM09-058A] Tire 24'' Schwalbe
[VM09-058B] Tire 24'' Innova
[VM09-059B] Tube 24'' Innova
[VM10-075] Fender stay connector M3
[VM10-090] Kickstand adjustable M3
[VM10-095] Kickstand Center Ursus Jumbo Black
[VM10-103] Kickstand ES/X3
[VM10-125] Fender + stay front 28" Black Standard Straight multispeed 2017
[VM10-126] Fender + stay rear 28" Black Standard Straight multispeed 2017
[VM10-141] Fender + stay front 24" Black Smartbike X
[VM10-142] Fender + stay rear 24" Black Smartbike X
[VM10-150] Fender set front 28" Electrified S2
[VM10-151] Fender set rear 28" Electrified S2
[VM10-170] Fender set front 28" S3
[VM10-171] Fender set rear 28" S3
[VM10-180] Fender set front 24" X3
[VM10-181] Fender set rear 24" EX3
[VM11-010] Light LED FD40 Front 6V 2.4W Philips
[VM11-011] Light LED RD Rear 6V 0.5W Philips M2
[VM11-013] Light LED Red M1
[VM11-017] Light LED white M1
[VM11-019] Rear light cable extended (750mm)
[VM11-022] Light Screw M3x8 Safety Torx T10
[VM11-023] Light Tool Torx TX10
[VM11-034] Frontfork light cable (750mm)
[VM11-044] Light LED FD40 Front 6V-1W 2018
[VM11-045] Light LED RD Rear 6V−0.5W 2018
[VM11-048] Connector light cable hubdynamo Panasonic
[VM11-049] Light Screw M5X8
[VM11-052] Light Cable Connector Male
[VM11-053] Light Cable Connector Female
[VM11-060] Light LED Front 9V-1.8W S2/X2
[VM11-062] Front Light Plastic Cover ES2
[VM11-067] Front Light S&X3, S&X4
[VM11-068] Front Light Plastic Cover, S3 & S4
[VM11-069] Front Reflector Bracket S/X3
[VM11-070] Front Reflectors Bracket with Screw
[VM11-071] White Reflectors
[VM11-072] Red Reflectors
[VM13-014] Smartunit Electrified S 2016
[VM13-016] Controller Electrified S
[VM13-017] Battery pack Electrified S
[VM13-033] Power cable Dynamohub Smartbike S/2016
[VM13-036] Motor front hub Disc Black Electrified S 2017
[VM13-037] Smartunit Electrified S 2017
[VM13-039] Controller Electrified S 2017
[VM13-041] Display Electrified S 2017
[VM13-042] Bottom Bracket 68/119 Electrified S 2017
[VM13-050] Charger Electrified 100V / 240V w/o C5 Cable
[VM13-052] Charger Cable C5 EU
[VM13-054] Charger cable Electrified C5 UK
[VM13-057] Boost Button Switch
[VM13-088] Wiring Harness for Horn Button
[VM13-091] Horn Button Bracket
[VM13-095] Dynamohub cable Smartbike S/X 2018
[VM13-098] Motor cable cover
[VM13-099] Motor Cable Cover M4X8 Screw
[VM13-103] Charger + cable Electrified S2/X2 EU 100V / 240V
[VM13-107] Frame Socket S2 EU/USac
[VM13-109] LED Display Electrified S/X 2
[VM13-112] Motor front hub 250W Disc Black Electrified S2
[VM13-127] Set Horn Button Cable Incl. EU/US/JP
[VM13-129] Set Boost Button Cable Incl. EU/US
[VM13-130] Boost/Horn Button S2 Cable Extension UK
[VM13-131] Top Tube Cartridge Smartunit S2 incl Rear Light EU
[VM13-134] Top Tube Cartridge Rear Smartunit X2 incl Rear Light EU
[VM13-144] Top Tube Cartridge Smartunit S3 incl Rear Light EU/UK
[VM13-146] Antenna Assy
[VM13-148] Battery frame cap, S3 & S4
[VM13-151] Motor front hub 350W Disc Brake Black, S3 & S4
[VM13-161] Cartridge Assy for EX3 incl Rear Light EU/UK
[VM13-164] Top Tube Cartridge Front Smartunit X2 Incl. Charging Port
[VM13-167] Charger + Cable, S&X3, S&X4, UK
[VM13-168] Charger Cable, S&X3, S&X4, UK
[VM13-174] Top Tube Cartridge Speaker
[VM13-182] Frame Socket+Mylar for ES3&3+
[VM13-183] Frame Socket X3+Mylar
[VM13-184] 2 pin A240 female connector w/cable OD=2.4mm, L=300mm
[VM13-185] Extension cable, L=320mm, 3pin with KST connector
[VM13-196] Horn & boost button washer with tape
[VM13-207] Top tube cartridge smartunit incl rear light ES3+ EU&UK
[VM13-226] PowerBank top assy of lock dock with package
[VM14-015] Bolt M5x10 Hex w/washer
[VM14-024] Bolt M6x30 for 3/5 seat post clamp
[VM14-036] Nylon spacer 5, 2X10X3 Black
[VM14-043] Fender Stay Clip, S&X3, S&X4
[VM14-077] Screw set (4pcs) Bambooman on Front Carrier
[VM14-101] Wheel anti-theft nut M9*1 (mark A / 1)
[VM14-102] Wheel Anti-theft Nut, M10, #2
[VM14-103] Wheel anti-theft nut set 3/8"X26TPI (mark C)
[VM14-104] Tool anti-theft nuts
[VM14-106] Bolt M6x30mm Anti-theft Torx T30 hollow (for seat post clamp)
[VM14-107] Bolt M5x18mm Anti-theft Torx T25 hollow (seat post)
[VM14-109] Bolt M5x16 Nylon black fender stay mounting
[VM14-113] Washer, OD13, ID5.5, T1, SUS, Raw, FW
[VM14-114] Nut, M5, 0.8x5, SUS, Raw, Nylock
[VM14-117] Philip Bolt M5x10 Black for Fender Clip
[VM14-128] Bolt M5x20mm
[VM14-130] Phillips Screw M5x12 With Washer (For Fender)
[VM14-134] Bolt M5x16 SS steering stop
[VM14-137] Nylon spacer 5.2X12.7X6 Black
[VM14-141] Chaintensioner cover bolt M4x6 sockethead
[VM14-142] Chaintensioner bracket bolt M5x18
[VM14-144] Washer M4x0.8x11 Stainless Steel Black
[VM14-146] Washer M4 Steel Black 11mm
[VM14-150] Spacer M5 x 15mm x 3mm Fender Nylon
[VM14-160] Bolt M6x30mm Anti-theft Torx T30 galvanized (for seat post clamp) ES2/EX2
[VM14-161] Tooth Washer Seatpost clamp, S&X3, S&X4
[VM14-162] Bolt M5 x 16mm Torx Lock Assembly
[VM14-164] Anti-theft nut #5, 13/32"-26TPI, for rear hub
[VM14-165] Bolt M5x16mm
[VM14-170] Bolt M3 x 6mm Socket Head Fender Stay
[VM14-180] Bolt M5 x 8mm T25
[VM14-181] M10, vertical type lock washer
[VM14-183] Bolt M5X8MM w/ Washer
[VM14-184] Bolt M6X15MM TX30 w/ washer
[VM14-197] Set screw, M5X8
[VM14-198] Seatpost Clamp Rubber Cover, S&X3, S&X4
[VM14-199] Anti-theft wrench 15, S&X3, S&X4
[VM14-223] Screw M3X4mm, MT, NH, 2mm Hex Drive, SUS, black
[VM14-224] Hex head screw w/washer M5X16mm
[VM14-227] Washer, OD19, ID10, T5, AL, Black ZN, FW
[VM14-228] Handlebar S3/X3 Clamp Bolt
[VM14-229] Seatpost Clamp Fix M6*5mm Nylon Bolt
[VM14-231] Screws set for ES/X3 rear carrier
[VM14-232] Adapter 1X nuts included for ES3 front carrier
[VM14-233] Frame bracket assy for ES3 front carrier
[VM14-244] Brake button bolt UCP black 96h
[VM17-094] Thule Yepp Mini Black
[VM17-095] Thule Yepp Mini Windscreen
[VM17-097] Vanmoof Pannier Bag Black S
[VM17-099] Vanmoof Pannier Bag Black & Strap, L
[VM17-170] Thule Yepp Maxi Black
[VM17-173] Thule Yepp Mini Handlebar padding
[VM17-174] Thule Yepp Maxi extra Frame Adapter
[VM17-175] Thule Yepp Maxi Delight No2 rear light
[VM17-176] Thule Yepp Mini Slimfit Adapter
[VM18-004] Lock Abus Bordo Granit 6500/90 Black
[VM18-006] Lock Abus Iven 8210/ 110
[VM18-016] VanMoof Smartlock chain 100cm
[VM18-022] Lock frame Abus Shield 4650S R
[VM18-023] Lock chain Abus Shield 5650 (Adaptor chain)
[VM18-026] Kick-Lock Position Sticker, S&X2, S&X3, S&X4
[VM18-027] Stealth Lock Pin
[VM18-028] Lock Ring for Stealth Lock
[VM18-031] Stealth button indication PET sticker, 48X1.8mm, T=0.1mm
[VM18-032] Stealth Lock Set Electrified S2/X2
[VM18-053] Kick Lock Set S/X3 With Pin
[VM18-056] Kicklock Pin + Cap Set, SX3
[VM19-004] Tool For Pedals
[VM19-006] Amber Reflector For Wheel Set, EU/UK
[VM19-008] Tool anti-theft Torx TX25 pin
[VM19-011] Hex wrench 5mm
[VM19-012] Hex wrench 4mm
[VM19-013] Tool anti-theft Torx TX25/TX30 pin
[VM19-032] Vanmoof Bicycle Pump
[VM19-040] Allen key torx 8
[VM19-047] Touch paint deep gray-black 426C
[VM19-048] Touch paint subtle sky-blue 5425C
[VM19-050] ES&X3 top tube cartridge charger EU (for internal repair use)
[VM20-042] Bicycle Shipping Box Electrified S2
[VM20-043] Bicycle Shipping Box Electrified X2
[VM20-069] Vanmoof S3/X3 Tool Set Universal
[VM20-071] Tool & screw set for ES3 front carrier
[VM20-072] Screw set for EX3 front carrier
[VM20-088] PowerBank UN box
[VM20-089] PowerBank UN box inner cushion
[VM20-090] PowerBank UN box manual board
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