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VanMoof S3 X3 E-Shifter (NEW)

VanMoof S3 X3 E-Shifter (NEW)

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Seller: Jon, United Kingdom (MoofMender hold full seller information)

Condition: Was sent a spare e-shifter by VanMoof whilst waiting for an appointment to get a repair in 2022. Then managed to get appointment so not required anymore. Happy to sell this spare.

Ships to: All countries, at standard MoofMender charges.

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Ensure Peace of Mind with MoofMender Marketplace. We won't release the funds until we've seen tracking information confirming you have received the goods. You will also receive the sellers contact information should you need to clarify anything about your purchase.

What about if it arrives faulty?

As products are sold by private individuals and the role of MoofMender (Marketplace only) is to connect buyers to sellers of unwanted parts and bikes, parts don't come with extended warranties. However, if you receive a part and it isn't as described or receive something completely different MoofMender will support you by investigating and holding the funds from the seller until a resolution is reached.